Welcome to a scrapbook showing a rather eclectic mix of some of the little things that my son and I have knocked together in our small (and rather cramped) garage. That’s me, Ed, on the left. The other one is Lou. This photo is 10 years old so I’m now much older (but not much wiser), and Lou is a proper grumpy teenager. Thankfully he still likes making things with me.

We love trying to create things from scrap, saving materials from going to the dump, and doing things as cheaply as possibly (I’m a Yorkshireman). There’s nothing quite like a bit of ‘bin raiding’ and I’m always very grateful when friends offer me the chance to rummage through a skip or their junk piles.

We’ve both really enjoyed making all these things. Sometimes we slightly steal ideas from the internet, other times we just make up things as we go. Occasionally we even design things first and make a bit of a plan. Quite often we just bodge things.

April 2020

We’re currently having a small break from making things in the garage, and instead we’re now outside in the lovely sunshine constructing two garden sheds. Our plan is to free up a little more garage space to enable us to set up an old lathe we have and actually learn how to use it. After many years of cutting all our wood by hand, we’re also desperate for a table saw to speed things up a little.

November 2020

Now we’ve finished the sheds we were able to clear out lots of junk and revamp the inside of our garage to make it a bit more fun to be in. I’ve never got around to making a ‘tool wall’ but I have to admit that now we’ve made a place for everything on the walls I can’t believe I didn’t do it years ago.