Other Stuff

Set of Knives – Made By Lou

Resin Wine Bottle Stopper – Made By Lou

Lou made this resin wine bottle stopper from spare resin and walnut he had left over from a table project. He turned the shape on the lathe and polished it to make a lovely gift for his Mum on her birthday.

Chopping Board – Made By Lou

Lou used a bit of free time at school in his DT department to make this lovely chopping board as a gift for his Granny. The pattern is laser etched into the board, and the board finished with Osmo oil. Big shout-out here to Lou’s DT department at St John’s school in Marlborough – the best teachers and technicians you could ever wish for.

Cheeseboard – Made By Lou

This cheeseboard was Lou’s first experimentation with pouring resin. He bought some beautiful old oak from ebay and then made a mould for the resin pour. The resin has a lovely metallic swirl which compliments the fabulous patterns within the oak.

Film Reel Speakers – Made By Ed

This was a very simple and quick ‘one hour project’. I salvaged some old loudspeakers from the bottom of a builder’s skip, and luckily found that the speaker drivers were in perfect working order. I had to repair the wiring slightly, and then used two old film projector reels (left over from my days working at Dolby where we had our own cinema) as the bases. A few holes needed to be drilled and metal spacers used as little feet. The end result is a rather unique pair of loudspeakers with a heritage history from the days of cinema film projection.

Drift Wood Clock – Made By Ed

Another ‘one hour project’ – this uses a left over small circuit board that I soldered components onto to make a digital clock/thermometer/alarm. This circuit board was then cut into an old piece of timber, and the whole of the front of the timber covered with a thin veneer to hide the clock behind. The clock is bright enough to shine through the veneer to give the impression that the veneer itself is lighting up as a clock display.

Steam Punk Propeller Clock – Made By Lou

To create this funky and quirky clock, Lou wood-turned a block of oak, routed the front to house a clock mechanism, formed acrylic propeller blades, and then mounted the whole thing on a metal stalk and wood base. I’ve no idea what his inspiration was for making this – you’d have to ask him – but it certainly turned out to be quite a unique clock.

Resin Beach Shelf – Made By Lou