Floating Coffee Table – Made By Lou

Our mate Andy from 3rd Edition Furniture (amazing cabinet makers) was having a clear out of his workshop, and kindly gave us a pile of birch ply and oak veneer. So Lou set to work making this floating coffee table. It’s a design based on something he saw on YouTube, and is technically called a “tensegrity construction”. The top table is actually hanging on the middle piece of high-strength fishing line, and the other three fishing lines on each corner are tensioned to just provide stability. Our glass cutting skills are sadly still not up to scratch (we had a few disasters trying), so we had to pay a very nice man at the glass shop £2 to cut this inner triangle piece.

Oak and Resin Desk – Made By Lou

Lou used a large piece of oak that was left over from his GCSE project (see below) to make a bedroom desk. The oak had a large hole which was filled with a special black and gold fleck resin and polished to compliment the smooth oiled oak. He cut and welded the legs from box section steel and then sprayed them black for a sleek finish.

Resin Table – Made By Lou

This was Lou’s GSCE project and made entirely at his school from one single piece of oak. The top is formed from two cuts of the oak, back to back with their ‘live edges’ in the centre. A pour of blue resin bonds the two pieces together and produces a ‘river’ effect running through the table top. A shelf and soft close draw beneath completes the bedside table.

Infinity Tables – Made By Ed and Lou

We already had the bases of these small drinks tables, but decided to have some fun creating new table tops for them. We always fancied having a go at making infinity tables so these gave us the perfect opportunity. They are made using an LED strip sandwiched between a bottom mirror, and a top dark tinted glass. The resulting reflections bouncing between the mirror and tinted glass give an effect of the LED lighting disappearing down into the table as far as you can see. Cups and glasses placed on the table top appear to be floating in mid-air.

Kitchen Unit – Made By Ed and Lou

We wanted to make a quirky kitchen unit using as many recycled bits and pieces as possible, with a sort of ‘building site materials’ theme. The top is made of polished concrete which we formed by pouring into a large mould. The frame is made from scaffolding type tubing (with internal draw frames made from a old shopping trolley). The front panels are old pallet wood, with clay pipes being used for wine storage, and the six side draws are old wine bottle crates that were salvaged from a building site bonfire pile.

Cheeseboard – Made By Lou

This cheeseboard was Lou’s first experimentation with pouring resin. He bought some beautiful old oak from ebay and then made a mould for the resin pour. The resin has a lovely metallic swirl which compliments the fabulous patterns within the oak.

Steam Punk Propeller Clock – Made By Lou

To create this funky and quirky clock, Lou wood-turned a block of oak, routed the front to house a clock mechanism, formed acrylic propeller blades, and then mounted the whole thing on a metal stalk and wood base. I’ve no idea what his inspiration was for making this – you’d have to ask him – but it certainly turned out to be quite a unique clock.