Stroboscopic Bass Guitar – Made By Lou and Ed

Totally inspired by one of Lou’s YouTube ‘making’ heroes – Colin Furze – he decided to modify one of our bass guitars to add super bright stroboscopic lighting. The high intensity flashing lights were routed into the stripped down bass guitar body, with the electronics routed into the rear. One of the black rotary knobs switches the lighting on, and the powerful effect is blinding.

Turntable – Made By Ed

I gave an old Pioneer record player from the 80s a retro-feel make-over by disassembling all the parts, spraying the body plate with a VW Camper Van bright orange spray paint, then reassembling the parts back into a carefully routed out block of oak that was lying around in the garage. Some little legs I found lying around also got the orange treatment to complete the whole project.

Fairground Busker Organ ** WORK IN PROGRESS **

This is my labour-of-love that I’ve been trying to work on for years. I’m attempting to build a 64 pipe mini fairground busker organ with hand cranked bellows and MIDI controlled electronic pallet magnets within two sealed wind chests. My goal is to be able to compose musical arrangements for the instrument, store them as MIDI files on an iPhone, then decode and play them back through the organ pipes whilst cranking the bellows. If it works, then I’ll be buying new top hat and tails, popping a monkey on my shoulder, and entertaining passers by at village fetes and carnivals for years to come.