Stroboscopic Bass Guitar – Made By Louis and Ed

Totally inspired by one of Louis’ YouTube ‘making’ heroes – Colin Furze – he decided to modify one of our bass guitars to add super bright stroboscopic lighting. The high intensity flashing lights were routed into the stripped down bass guitar body, with the electronics routed into the rear. One of the black rotary knobs switches the lighting on, and the powerful effect is blinding.

Turntable – Made By Ed

I gave an old Pioneer record player from the 80s a retro-feel make-over by disassembling all the parts, spraying the body plate with a VW Camper Van bright orange spray paint, then reassembling the parts back into a carefully routed out block of oak that was lying around in the garage. Some little legs I found lying around also got the orange treatment to complete the whole project.

Disco Coffin – Made By Ed

This is a complete mobile disco-in-a-box. It can be wheeled into a field and plays loud music with flashing lights all night long. It has a powerful amplifier and 12V car battery built in, with a subwoofer, stereo main loudspeakers and sound-to-light flashing disco lights sticking out each side. It was a bit of a daft thing to build, but has been well used in the village carnival, Explorer scout events, and village outdoor parties in fields. The casing was decorated by simply chucking any left over coloured paints at it.

Trunk of Funk – Made By Ed

This old trunk case belonged to my Mum when she was a girl, then I inherited it to pack my things in when I Ieft home to go to off to university. Since then it has been languishing in my loft for the last 30 years and so I thought it would make a great vinyl and record player shelving unit. Once the lid and base were separated, it just needed a bit of metal working and welding, and some free OSB boards that were left in the off-cuts freebie bin at B&Q, and it turned out well and became a useful item to store and display my wife’s record collection.