Resin Lamp – Made By Louis

Louis started out this project with the intention of making an oak and resin rolling pin. But after he had formed the oak and blue resin together into a block ready for wood turning into a round pin, he changed direction and decided that it would make a nice lamp base instead. The resin is back-illuminated by an LED strip, and we both bodged together the lamp shade using metal caging and thin strips of plywood. Louis found an off-cut of wood at school which has made a very nice ‘live-edge’ base for the lamp.

Jam Jar Lamp – Made By Ed

I saw something similar to this lamp hanging on the wall in a cafe in the Lake District, so decided to copy it using an old oak shelf that had been lying around the garage for years. An Edison style lamp hangs within the jar from a rope containing the electrical wiring. The metal top of the jam jar is modified to let heat escape from the jar.

Trombone Lamp – Made By Ed

This lamp is made from an old (unplayable) trombone and sits on a large lump of sycamore that I chainsawed out of a log from a tree in our garden. The trombone has two different shaped Edison style lamps sticking out the top, and invisible wiring routed through the trombone pipes and down through the sycamore base. The trombone itself is covered in beautiful and intricate engraving – this photo doesn’t do it justice.

Bed Pan Lamp – Made By Ed

We call this the Bed Pan lamp, but it’s really made from an old bed warmer, not a bed pan. I found this in a junk shop one day and thought it would make a nice lamp, and it was a quick and easy project made in just one evening. Using an angle grinder I formed slots around the back edge of the pan, and then modified the inside to fit a light bulb. The result gives a bright star effect thrown out over the wall.

Middle Eastern Candlesticks – Made By Ed

These two floor standing candle holders were made from African walnut which was turned on the lathe and then finished with our favourite Osmo oil. Off-the-shelf copper plumbing pipe and fittings form the upright pillars – the copper pipe was buffed until shiny and then finished with a clear lacquer spray so as not to tarnish.

Giant Colour Wash Wall Lamp – Made By Louis

A high-tech Alexa voice controlled wifi bedroom lamp conceived and designed by Louis. His school teachers gave him some off-cuts of very thin strips of maple, and he formed a curved ply base to then wrap these strips around. The finished product – a large curved lamp over 1m wide, is totally hollow from above and below, and LED colour strip is hidden within the ply frame. This throws the light up and down onto the wall behind. The electronics are a pre-bought kit, and can also react to sound to give a disco light effect.